Rethink Cooking, Rethink Life!

Bringing the magic of world-class, gourmet meals to your kitchen, with our revolutionary, smart cooking solution.

Anyone can prepare healthy and delicious meals like a chef.
Say ‘hello’ healthy, joyful eating

ABCC – Any Body Can Cook chef-style recipes, with fresh ingredients at home, at the click of a button.

Throw away those measuring cups

Just top off all ingredients, and COOKEE will do the rest. Store the leftover ingredients in the same containers.

Smart assistant that remembers your tastes

Select your favorite dish on the app, add ingredients, and relax as we cater to your tastebuds.

Chef-recipes from across the world

Missing mom’s food, or a dish from your travels – whatever you want, COOKEE can make it!

Reducing wastage, saving money

Perfectly calculated, dispensed, and cooked by an in-built algorithm, no waste.

Flawless assistance for seasoned home cooks

With full control over the taste, texture, and portions, an assistant you can truly rely on.

There’s more to life…

With more time for yourself… there’s so much more to life! Save at least 1-2 hours a day with COOKEE – and spend that time, doing the things you love. Spend more time with loved ones, learn that new language, get back to that old hobby… or just snooze, and relax!

Automated cooking, how does that work?

Our countertop plug-in device is accompanied by a mobile app, featuring a repository of global cuisines and recipes you can choose from. All you have to do is select the dish you want, add ingredients to the containers, click, and relax – as COOKEE analyses your requirements, dispenses ingredients as per the recipe, and prepares a magical meal that’s healthy, tasty, and just perfect!


The Machine

  • Controlled dispensing based on portion size, recipe, and preferences.
  • Multiple, controlled degrees of freedom to add ingredients, spices, oil at the right time, in the right order.


The Algorithm

  • 100+ global cuisines
  • Personalized recipes and portion design.
  • Flexible, subscriptions-based access to chefs, cuisines etc.


The People-connect

  • Train for the Golden Batch. Try your home recipes, achieve the perfect taste, and save the process to repeat whenever you’d like.
  • Advanced, AI/ML-based NLP for user interactions.
  • Multi-modal interface for text voice commands.

Here’s why that’s a great idea!

Join the fast-growing industry of kitchen automation.

Invest in a current market potential of over $90.4 billion annually, the immense scope for growth soon.

Be part of a revolutionary culinary innovation, pegged to change how the world cooks.

Support a visionary team of engineers, innovators, food technologists, and business leaders behind this change.

Enjoy priority advantages as an early investor, to maximize your gains quickly.* (T&C Apply)

COOKEE is for you!

Young Working Couples

… who are exhausted from work and commute and want to eat healthy, homemade food.

Students and Individuals

… who cannot afford to hire cooks, and are tired of eating out all the time.

Amateur Cooks

… who are just learning the art – and could use some smart assistance.

Home Cooks

… who need a reliable assistant to help with repetitive recipes & might want to explore a new revenue stream.

People with health conditions

… and the differently-abled who require specialized meals, but are unable to make them, themselves.

And so many others…

Founded in January 2023, we started on a mission to empower home cooks with an effortless process to prepare high-quality, fresh meals. With a top-notch team of ideators, electrical and mechanical engineers, and food engineers we have already achieved significant milestones in developing our product as a smart, reliable, cost-effective, and scalable kitchen appliance.

Sudhakar Kalakota

Chief Executive Officer

Ramasamy Thiyagarajan

Chief Technology Officer

Praneeth Kamisetty

Chief Operating Officer

Anantha Bhaskar Lanka

Chief Strategy Officer